The Heart of Grandparenting

Build a strong and lasting legacy through your commitment and involvement as a grandparent.


September 23rd – 8:30am to 4:00pm
(Lunch at noon)
Registration begins at 8:00am


College Church of the Nazarene
2020 E. Sheridan St.

, KS 66062

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The General and Breakout

Session Topics Will Include:

Our format for information and inspiration

  • The Heart of Grandparenting
    (How our Heritage, Example, Authority, Repairing and Teaching make a difference)
  • When Grandparents Become Parents
    Long Distance Grandparenting
  • Grandchildren With Special Needs: ADHD, Autism and Hyperactivity
  • Unique Ways to Stay Connected/Engaged in Your Grandchildren’s Education
  • Celebrating Family Traditions
  • Estranged Grandchildren and Grandparents
  • Connecting With Grandchildren in a Digital Age
  • Fun Activities to Do With Grandchildren
  • Blended Grandchildren: Yours, Mine and Ours!
  • Leaving an Inheritance to Our Children’s Children: An Innovative and Creative Way to Build Wealth
  • Grandparents Keeping Healthy
  • What Does the Bible Say About Grandparenting

Location: College Church of the Nazarene, 2020 E Sheridan St., Olathe, KS

College Church of the Nazarene

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Ken Canfield

Dr. Ken Canfield

Dr. Ken Canfield is a nationally known leader and scholar who has committed his life to strengthening fathers, families and grandparents.  He has founded several organizations, notably the National Center for Fathering, the International Family Center and most recently the National Association for Grandparenting ( He and his wife Dee have five children and ten grandchildren.

Judd Swihart

Judd Swihart

Judd Swihart is a member of the Advisory Board for the National Association for Grandparenting.  He and his wife Nancy have individually authored or co-authored six books on family relationships and they have 11 grandchildren.  Judd has also conducted research on the grandparent-grandchild relationship for his Ph.D. dissertation.

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