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Grandparents, we make a difference!

Join us for a day that will move your heart, give you vision, and provide fresh ideas to help you shine as a grandparent.

The General and Breakout

Session Topics Will Include:

Our format for information and inspiration

  • The Heart of Grandparenting
    (How our Heritage, Example, Authority, Repairing and Teaching make a difference)
  • When Grandparents Become Parents
    Long Distance Grandparenting
  • Grandchildren With Special Needs: ADHD, Autism and Hyperactivity
  • Unique Ways to Stay Connected/Engaged in Your Grandchildren’s Education
  • Celebrating Family Traditions
  • Estranged Grandchildren and Grandparents
  • Connecting With Grandchildren in a Digital Age
  • Fun Activities to Do With Grandchildren
  • Blended Grandchildren: Yours, Mine and Ours!
  • Leaving an Inheritance to Our Children’s Children: An Innovative and Creative Way to Build Wealth
  • Grandparents Keeping Healthy
  • What Does the Bible Say About Grandparenting